identity logo


The Trebuchet MS and the Veranda fonts are the official fonts of the UACS Identity Manual. They comprise several of the identity graphics, logotypes and products.

The logotype is set to Trebuchet MS, Trebuchet MS Bold, Veranda Light, Veranda Bold is used to support the identity on stationery, documentation, signage and marketing items. These are the only typefaces to be used as the official UACS Identity. Please do not attempt to re-create any of the company-approved logotypes using these or any similar fonts.

Both fonts are generally available as default fonts on all Windows operating systems. If you do not have the fonts on your desktop please feel free to download them for free online.



Font guidelines

Technology makes thousands of fonts available to desktop publishers and Web page designers. When choosing typography to complement the UACS logo and brand of the company, please remember that the fonts should work hand-in-hand with the material's overall design, photography and writing to help convey the characteristics of the company brand.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when producing communications. The proper use of type and application of these best practices establishes an image for the company that is instantly recognizable, consistent and creates an overall sense of professionalism and unity.

  • Do use clean and classic faces, with a preference for sans-serif fonts.
  • Do use all caps sparingly and not for running body copy. It is best suited for titles, headers and subheads.
  • Do use script fonts for headings and not body copy.
  • Do avoid condensing, excessive tracking or horizontal scaling.
  • Do use italicized styles sparingly.
  • Don’t use fonts that are overly stylized.
  • Don’t overemphasize type with both underlining and bolding. Choose one technique or the other.
  • Don’t use UACS tan for text color.
  • Don’t use type with drop shadows.
  • Don’t use outline type.
  • Do not use type sizes below 9 points as running body copy.
  • Don’t use more than two or three varying typefaces or a combination of similar serifs and san serifs.