Order Receipt – UACS makes considerable effort to provide incoming orders to vendors as soon as possible, to facilitate order fulfillment completion in a timely manner.  UACS’ Procurement Department continuously monitors for email, fax, and telephone order communications from customers; to confirm promptly upon their receipt of any order to address any possible issues of design, supply, preparation and delivery; and to assure delivery completion is consistent with those of the order and the expectations of the customer.

Order Processing & Routing – UACS’ Procurement Department places orders through our catalog.  This can be completed by simply selecting from the product designs available in the catalog that are most similar to a customer’s order requirements and then proceeding to order the product using payment options of a PO or credit card.  It will also provide a duplicate of the order for our records.

Order Tracking – Prior to preparing the order and always before processing payment, UACS’ Procurement Department is required to communicate with the recipient the timely delivery of the order.  UACS’ Procurement Department will obtain tracking numbers from the delivery vendors in order to obtain delivery information. 

Customer Service & Inquiry Support – UACS built its business around services providing individualized attention for customers and partners alike.  Its broad reach and breadth of products and services has contributed to our ability to cater to businesses, facilities, and institutions of all sizes, from small independents to large accounts.  Our core focuses have given UACS recognition from the industry for both performance and loyalty.  UACS and its large network of partners consistently provide cross- market expertise and exceptional service and support.  Customers may email our Procurement Department to inquire about their order.

Shipping, Including Express Shipping - Standard delivery will be used unless otherwise specified by the customer. UACS’ Procurement Department is expected to comply with the customer’s shipping preference as it relates to express shipping. 

Invoicing – UACS’ Accounting Department sends the invoice to the customer once confirmation of product delivery has been received from the Procurement Department.  Customers may pay for products via credit card, check, and EFT.  Customers paying by credit card will receive a receipt of payment.

Returns – Customers are requested to inform UACS’ Procurement Department the need to return a product(s).  Customers will be issued a valid RMA number before returning any products and the RMA number must be displayed on the return shipping label only.  Products must be shipped prepaid.  UACS does not cover return shipping expenses.  For standard UACS RMAs, the customer has 20 days from the date issued to inform UACS of the request to return the product(s).  Restock fees may be applied to stock balance or open box (non-defective) returns.  If a restock fee applies to a return request, UACS’ Procurement Department will notify the customer of the amount of the restock fee before the RMA is issued.

Quality Control – UACS makes every effort to ensure that customer orders are processed in a timely manner and to the highest level of service.   UACS regularly performs a self-assessment on its order fulfillment process in order to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.

Order Turnaround Time – Completion of the entire process takes into account requested shipping times, invoicing, and payments within net terms as designated for reasonable and customary order fulfillment guidelines.