UACS has been working with clients to meet their staffing needs. We understand that the longer a position goes unfilled, the bigger the impact on your business. We know you don’t get the time you would like to be able to find and interview dozens of candidates to find that just right person – the one with the personality that fits your team and the skill set to jump right into everything you need to get done. UACS employs an extensive testing process to qualify the technical expertise of every candidate. In addition to traditional staffing, UACS offers flexible employment options and alternatives to a full-time hire. Employers can choose part-time, short and longer term consulting agreements or even full outsourcing.

UACS offers full service employment options so you can select the option or combination of options that works best for you. Just let us know what you need to achieve and we’ll recommend a solution tailor made for your needs. UACS’ employment options are Staff Supplementation, Collaborative Staffing, and Business Consulting Staffing.

Staff Supplementation
UACS offers this solution to clients to limit their costs for projects. We provide consulting staff on a negotiated hourly rate to perform a mutually agreed upon scope of work.

Collaborative Staffing
UACS offers this solution to aid our clients with large projects while affording complete client project control.  This hybrid service balances the features of staffing supplementation and project outsourcing. It frequently involves specialized teams that are a mix of senior experts and solid technical consultants. As with our staff supplementation, all consultants perform task that you manage but supervised by an UACS team leader. This solution offers a negotiated bill rate that can blend between the highest paid skills and the lowest to leveling billing across the project.

Business Consulting Staffing
UACS offers to be your “virtual e-consulting” division. This option is most effective when a client is looking to outsource an entire project. You provide the project management and we provide the execution. This means no large project management fee and you retain complete control.  We have invested in building alliances with the most proficient and knowledgeable consultants. These consultants bring proven expertise and methodologies to your projects.  And once the more senior consultants work through the business objectives and requirements, we can provide further cost savings by applying precise contract staffing to complete your project on time and budget.