One of the most important parts of our recruiting process involves sourcing and measuring the skill requirement and level of every candidate. We take a great deal of pride in the superior quality of our personnel, while constantly striving to provide the most competitive price in the industry.

The UACS 5 step screening process is extensive and rigorous and yields proven results.

  • Candidate Identification

We target the desired candidate that meets your technical requirements using our search and recruiting system. The screening process begins assessing the candidate against their career goals and client requirements.

  • Behavioral Interviewing

We conduct face-to-face interviews designed to select only the most qualified candidates in each skill set.  The behavior interview allows us to evaluate the candidate’s personality traits, self-esteem, past successes and failures and commitment to seeking a new place of employment. In addition, we aim to understand the candidate’s expectation of working environments and aspirations for future career growth.

  • Technical Screening

UACS uses internet-based technical testing and interview system. With over 100 technical standard tests as well as custom developed tests that allow UACS to drill down into the skill set of every candidate. 

  • Reference Checking

UACS checks at least 3 current references from direct supervisors when possible, to verify candidate performance and skill set. Through the effective use of referencing, we are able to understand the strengths and weakness of each candidate, personality traits and ability to impact your projects.

  • Background Checking

UACS performs a county, state and criminal background check prior to hiring any consultant.