Universal Adaptive Consulting Services Inc. provides complete lifecycle engineering and support that includes configuration management, operations and maintenance, engineering change proposals and insertions, technology upgrades and refreshes, performance monitoring and assessments, and training.

We offer the full range of integrated logistics support functions and services. Our services include spare parts analysis, provisioning and supply support, logistic support analysis, interactive technical manuals, ILS planning and program implementation, training planning and program implementation, support and test equipment analysis, inventory control and property management, shipping and handling coordination, and support facilities requirements.

We develop and maintain a configuration management plan that identifies all hardware, software, media, firmware, and associated documentation of the system and the procedures used to manage and control the system’s configuration through the life cycle. We will support implementation of the CM program and the change evaluation and control process as specified in the CM plan.

We offer a full range of system administration services—network operation, analysis, and recovery; routine network software and hardware replacement; performance monitoring that includes system availability analysis; network database backup and restoration; audit trail and ID and password administration; and first echelon maintenance. Our first echelon maintenance includes updating user profiles and network databases, cleaning magnetic tape drives, performing physical inventories, and initiating power-off procedures for system protection during emergency situations.