UACS provides independent verification and validation (IV&V) services associated with design, integration, and engineering services for various customer products, independent systems, and integrated systems. We conduct engineering trade-off evaluations, develop position papers, propose technical program planning concepts, provide technical inputs to documentation, and revise and update program documentation. In support of our customers’ unique test and evaluation certification programs, our engineers prepare proposed engineering changes, product development plans, test and installation plans, and technical content and schedules.

We develop test planning and management documents and test procedures and scenarios, conduct test activities, and document results against established user, contract, program, specification, and functional requirements. We identify and resolve deficiencies, redundancies, and discrepancies to meet requirements.

Our engineers assess the effectiveness of system designs developed by other integrators and vendors. We will independently perform systems analyses against baseline requirements; help identify deficiencies, redundancies, and discrepancies against an established set of user, contract, program or functional requirements; and conduct test activities and documenting results.