UACS provides a Converged Communications solution which integrates planning, installing and managing of the phone and data systems. UACS helps company's during all phases of phone and data deployment, whether moving, just starting or realizing the need for a better system.
VoIP, Voice over IP, is proven at helping to cut long distance charges by uniting branch locations and teleworkers over WAN and VPN links. Converging communications onto a single network lowers maintenance and support costs while reducing travel expenses. With VoIP, remote offices of all sizes are not isolated from their central phone systems. Small offices can connect to the main office IP phone system through robust high speed data lines.
VoIP creates flexibility for the workers and for the company to change with the external market factors. With VoIP, an employee is no longer tied to a physical phone jack. Employees simply plug their IP phone sets into the nearest data port and log in to accept calls and access phone features. This flexibility is a huge asset in today's increasingly mobile workforce and the rise of the teleworker.

Converged Communications platforms combine phone, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, teleconferencing, videoconferencing and Web conferencing over a common IP Network. This can positively affect an organizations bottom line with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Operating cost reductions
  • More reliable communications
  • Improved cross-functional communication
  • More effective use of remote or mobile workers